Consider yourself at home
       Consider yourself one of the family
       We've taken to you so strong
       It's clear we're going to get along
       Consider yourself at home 
       Consider yourself our mate 
       For after close consideration, we can state... 
       Consider yourself 
       One of us! 

         Consider Yourself, Oliver, 1968

Ils étaient assis et la seule chose qu'ils attendaient c'était qu'il s'approche. 
Quand ils étaient assis là, ils attendaient pour que quand il s'approche ils n'aient plus à attendre toujours assis qu'il s'approche. 
Et quand il était proche, ils n'attendaient plus et ils chantaient. 
Et ils chantaient pour avoir tellement attendu qu'il s'approche car quand ils attendaient assis qu’il s'approche,
ils le considéraient. 
Et ils chantaient et ils le considéraient. 
Comme eux. 
Chez eux. 
Chez lui. 
Et ils attendaient là qu'il s'approche. 
Et quand il était proche ils chantaient et ils le considéraient.

They were waiting and the only thing they were waiting for, was for him to come closer. 
While they were sitting there, they were waiting for that when he would come closer, 
they would no longer have to wait sitting there for him to come closer. 
And when he was close, they waited no longer and they sang. 
And they sang for having waited so long for him to come closer; for while they were sitting there waiting, 
they were considering him. 
And they sang and considered him. 
Like them. 
With them. 
At home. 
And they waited there for him to come closer. 
And when he was close they sang and they considered him.

Consider Yourself / 2010 
interactive installation, animation, mixed media with computer screens, variable dimensions

They look like portraits, family portraits maybe; or group photos against a white backdrop. Six frames, six families, six groups. They are all different, yet strangely all the same; they could look like any family or any group. They watch the viewer that has come close, that is in front of them, and they sing. They repeat incessantly the same two words 'Consider Yourself'. The viewer moves away, they stop and watch him go, the next group takes over : 'At Home'...